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2000, DECEMBER 3

No content update done still, but design development concerns the site menu, link underlining and some more components.

2000, OCTOBER 15

The whole site is quietly being made spotless and optimized, only to make its usability satisfactory.

2000, OCTOBER 4

Yes, I'm still alive though not highly active concerning the site. Anyway, a mistake in Sounds in Made In Heaven section corrected. All the links there should work properly now.

2000, AUGUST 17

Just as it's been promised, Catechism of an Admirer - its first part and edition - is out by now. You can read it in Dedicated to... chapter.

2000, JULY 28

The site definitely won't be updated during the next week: from july 29 to august 5, 2000. I shall be absent. I'm leaving for the country. To relax a bit. But it's been considered to release my new transaction about Freddie. It's called "Catechism of an Admirer" and the first edition will be released on August 17. Probably on two languages: english and russian.

2000, JULY 24

The first article in "Dedicated to..." released. It's called "Why Queen is not actually Queen". An exact date of russian version's release has been named. It'll happen on September 5, 2000 - on Freddie's birthday. Furthermore, site cleaned up today and it has one more address now:

2000, JULY ??

The site You're currently browsing, The Freddie Mercury Memorial Site, version 2.0,  has been published as a one-piece pack for the first time and has the following address:, apart from the below mentioned Life goes on...

2000, MAY 14

I ordered in NameZero using  my Mother's information, but I doubt anybody from there would be sorry for this. Anyway, recently this is the only second-level domain functioning for this site.

2000, MAY 9

I bought, which is promised to be an alternative to .com, but I still don't have DNS, that's why if You link there, You'll find "Under Construction" page and all. I shall manage this inconvenience in July 2000.

2000, APRIL 14

The Freddie Mercury Memorial Site version 1.21 has been released. It's just a temporary version, though it'd presented a few amazing moments during its fast combination.

2000, JANUARY 18

The last date of Version 1.2 update. After that I'll be keeping silence for 3 months, until April 14.

2000, JANUARY 5

I begin working on Version 2.0. Variant I've been working on from January to April is not the one You're currently seeing in Your browser.

1999, DECEMBER 16

This - - is the first normally working domain for Version 1.2, which still (June 6, 2000) keeps functioning.

1999, DECEMBER 2

The Freddie Mercury Memorial Site, version 1.2, has been published. Its creation took just 3 days - from November 29 to December 2 just because it's been banally transformed from the previous version.

1999, NOVEMBER 23
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The Freddie Mercury Memorial Site, version 1.0 released. After approximately 4 months online, I think only I and Jayme Decas have seen it, probably nobody else. Terminated by Xoom after I've unsubscribed from their newsletter. Recently (June 6, 2000) inheres only offline.