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This is a brand product of The Freddie Mercury Memorial Site. Its name speaks for itself - not yet 1001 but already over 850 links to different web sites and their webmasters' e-mails! That is close to the complete list, though the quantity of Queen and Freddie dedicated sites grows with amazing speeds. Held in archived Excel file. Size - 133 kb.


Andy Fitzgerald has allowed himself to create extremely miscellaneous, mixed, strange, spontaneous site, a subject of my permanent suspects, and it's ugly visually, nevertheless I like it for something very trivial. Maybe it's a temporary stream, maybe it's some obsession. Anyway, it's worth visiting and losing Yourself in its labyrinths.


I've browsed the literate experiences of Kenneth, just fragmentary, maybe I'm not understanding something but the phrases like "I couldn't find much of merit in his musical liaison with wobbly opera star Montserrat Caballe" and its neighbor - " tribute to a tremendously talented artist" are psycho-eclectics. And with Great Love to Music! To musical harmonies, probably, which are nothing in our case. It's disgusting.


Also known just as The Freddie Mercury Page, this is classic, mysterious and very qualitive site. Informative side of it contains the following chapters: discography, solo albums, lyrics, gallery, midi, queen, queen gallery, links, downloads, guestbook and queen poll. The site has an outstanding professional design but one aspect confuses, and it's a midi chapter. There's an antagonism - Shany (webmaster's name) definitely has a great visual taste, but midi files, in their whole ugliness, don't corroborate this affirmance. If I was a webmaster, I'd remove midis - such a fly in the ointment - out of this site. Anyway, apart from this, Mr. Mercury is perfect!


Curiosity is a generator of education; Daniela Speranza, webmaster of this site, knows this truth not worse than I do. She uses this human quality the more the better. She gives You an opportunity to know a bit more about the spheres Freddie's been connected with - East, Art, Religion, Flowers, Champagne, Auctions, Cats...if You haven't yet become a specialist in these questions! If You have, then some of You should get a satisfaction of knowing they're not alone...I can't understand this.


Site spreading a wide range of topics - queenies, smile, special, concerts, multimedia, anything else, bad taste somewhere, After4th design web ring - this strange organization. Anyway, is what You should visit. Just because of curiosity.


Queen site for those who don't prefer MTV as a criterion of modern music's qualities. This site is a squall of information, not though quite logically cut, but nevertheless energetic. Strongly recommended for informal people.


It's a cradle which ruins an enormous quantity of information upon Your mind. Where else can You find a table of contents with 211 fields??? This site has really deserved a "classic" status though it's updated too rarely. But if You're first hearing of it, it'll take a year to view it in the whole!


The very best informational resource, my potential competitor. The more it's popular the less I like it, but I suggest You to try first, then to support or curb my grumbling.


This site is specialized on sleeves and all connected. Can't tell You anything useful, it's not what I'm interested in, cause Sleeves in Russia are not actual - You can't find original albums for affordable price here - that's why I buy piracy production. Anyway, I'm exchanging links with this site and if sleeves is Your interest, go on.


Pretty site with base information: albums, gallery, biography, members. Just a relaxation for eyes. Very likeable with much effort attached. For beginners best.


I've been still dazed and confused after several attempts to digest all those tons of this site's contents. But due to lack of really informative sites, this one sounds solid in the common strange choir of hundreds of sites. I repeat - I can't guarantee quality of information published there, but You'll choke in its quantity. Go check it out for me, would You?


David Bruce has created this site using TextPad and that's what I'm respecting Him for. He publishes rare mp3s on this site, but something's usually wrong. Sometimes His server is down, sometimes His client computer is fevering. But it's still a place for mp3 lovers.


"This is for You, Freddie, wherever You are" - that's an epigraph of this site. It happens sometimes when attitude is transparent, when You see some object created with universal amounts of Love. That site is what I'm talking over.


A small digest of press and Queen Mailing Service. Very small one. Just three-four items cut from miscellaneous articles, but You definitely should read them. And one more aspect - if Your browser allows turning off the background pictures, use this function when You get there!

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Something that I once liked in this site...I can't remember what. All right, let's confine to a banal panslavinism. Yes, it's Czech, and I'm, reminding, Russian. Nevertheless, if You want to know "Who is Mr. Putin", then search for some other volunteer.

P.S. All indignations from the above-mentioned webmasters are 24 hours a day accepted here